Solder Rod

At Sweta Wire Works, we are committed to offering oxide free Solder Rod bars that can help you make quick connections to electronic equipment. Due to the help of our professional team, we have emerged as one of the most trusted and renowned solder rod manufacturers and suppliers in India. Our oxide free solder rods are of superior quality manufactured under the supervision of our specialists using the quality assured materials with the support of modern equipment.

Since the wires are manufactured in such a way that they have the capability to eliminate all possible contaminations. As a result, a better outcome is possible with less dross formation. Some of the essentials features of our oxide free solder wires are that they are superior mechanical properties, excellent resistance to many corrosives, comprehensive wear life and high strength, no partitioning and cut pieces in wires length, seamless finish with no flaw, high durability, longer lifespan and resistant to acid and heat.

Sweta Wire Works is a prominent and reliable manufacturer and supplier of solder wire, and solder rods. These products are the perfect choice in wide application. Widely used in the electronic and electrical industry, our solder rods are free from oxide and checked on several quality parameters during the manufacturing process. We have the potential to manufacture and supplier solder rods in varied technical specifications as per your needs and requirements.

If you are searching for a renowned solder rod manufacturer and wholesale supplier in India, then feel free to contact us. We are more than happy to respond to our clients. You can also fix a meeting with us to let us know your requirements so that we can manufacture the wires that are most suitable to meet those requirements.

We offer oxide free solder bars since they are manufactured in such a way that it eliminate all possible contaminations. As a result a high quality allows is formed with less dross formation.
Available Grades: 20/80, 40/60, 60/40, 63/37 Sn/Pb alloys.
Applications: deep soldering, general applications

Tin(%) Lead(%) Melting Range(°C)
20 80 183-275
40 60 183-234
60 40 183-188
63 37 183-183