Solder Rosin Core Wire

We offer high quality rosin core solder wire with non-conductive and non-corrosive flux. The flux is heat stable and provides minimum smoke with excellent flow. Our range of Rosin Core solider wire include

Melting Temperature of various soldering alloys

Tin(%) Lead(%) Melting Range(°C)
20 80 183-275
40 60 183-234
60 40 183-188
63 37 183-183

Recommended use

Used in Bulb, CFL & Automotive Industry.

For cost effective General use & Capacitors

Soldering electronic general application

Eutectic solder used commonly

Rosin core solder wire available in different SWG’s as 14SWG, 16SWG, 18SWG, 20SWG & 22SWG.