Solder Wire Manufacturers & Suppliers in India

Solder Wire are a type of wire exponentially used in the electronics industry. It helps connect components and ensure that all the components remain fixed. Due to the increasing demand for electronic items, the requirements of Solder items are on the rise too. To feed the demands, Sweta Wire Works is committed to supplying a wide range of high-quality and standard Solder wires.

As one of the eminent Solder Wire Manufacturers in India, we manufacture a qualitative range of lead-free Solder Wire which is the right solution to overcome the problem of pollution from lead poisoning. We supply the wires with different features and specifications and cater to the client’s customization requests. Since inception in 1997, we are the most prominent manufacturer and supplier of a comprehensive range of Solder Wires.

Our Solder Wires are available in different sizes and length. The entire manufacturing process takes place in our state-of-the-art infrastructure under the supervision of highly skilled and talented professionals. We supply and export the Solder Wires at wholesale prices and deliver them on time.

Before you purchase Solders wires from us, it’s important to understand your needs of hours. Ensure you are well aware of your Soldering requirements and applications. If you have any special requirements, let us know we will make customized Solder wires at competitive prices and you can find them suitable for your needs.we are the best Solder Wire Suppliers in India.

Every type of Solder wire is suitable for different temperatures and applications. Since not all the Solder wires manufactured by us have the same features, you should first read the descriptions of the wires, and then place your order.

If you are looking out for a comprehensive and eminent manufacturer and supplier of Solder wires in India, you can trust us. Feel free to call us to clear any doubt and stay updated about our offers and schemes.

We offer high quality solid Solder wire, which is available in different sizes as per requirement and application of the user.
Available Qualities – 0% Solder wire 05/95 Sn/Pb Solider Wire.
Application – GLS lamps, High Melting Point, High temp Soldering.